Enjoy Japanese Sake!


Health Benefits of Sake

Being called “the king of all medicine”, sake has been believed to have health promoting effects. What kind of beneficial effects does it actually have?

Sake May Help You Prevent Lifestyle Diseases
Here are some effects sake is considered to have against lifestyle diseases
*Helps you prevent or fight cancer
*Reduces risk for diabetes
*Helps you prevent cardiac diseases such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction
*Helps you prevent cerebrovascular disease, liver disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, amnesia, atopic dermatitis, etc.
*Increases good (HDL) cholesterol
*Reduces your stress
*Helps you prevent depression
*Makes you relax
*Helps you prevent Parkinson disease

Sake Improves Your Blood Circulation
Sake has a blood circulation boosting effect that works for stiff shoulders and cold sensitivity. It keeps your body temperature about 2℃ higher than usual for a longer period of time compared with other alcoholic beverages. Improved blood circulation in the skin also helps nutrients reach every part of your body.

Sake is High in Nutrients
Since sake is a fermented drink, it retains almost all nutrients from ingredients and nutrients arising in the process of fermentation intact.

*Contains as many as 700 kinds of nutrients
*Contains amino acids, friends of beauty and health, 10 times more than wine does.

Sake Makes Your Skin Beautiful
Here are some sake-contained nutrients and facts about their beneficial effects on your skin.

Amino acids & organic acids have skin care benefits.
Kojic acids inhibit production of melanin, a cause of flecks.
Koji molds prevent skin cells from aging, moisturizing and vitalizing them.
Alpha glucosyl glycerol(αGG) keeps your skin moisturized and bouncy.
Glycerol induces moisture into the horny layer of skin
Alpha ethyl glucoside promotes formation of horny layer

Sake Has Hair Care Benefits
Whether you are a man or woman, beautiful hair makes you feel good!

Amino Acids Contained in Sake Help Your Hair Grow

Adenosine, one of the ingredients of hair tonic, increases the number of a hair-growth factor and also boosts blood circulation.

Alpha glucosyl glycerol prevents hair fall and loss

As seen in the above, sake has a lot of effects beneficial to your health. But going to excess might do you harm. Remember to “drink in moderation” and “drink with or after meal”. Enjoy!