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Types of Sake

Last time I said that sake had been born from unique ideas and delicate sense of...more

Toshimaya Shuzo Tour Vol.1—Sake is not an industrial product

It’s a real “Tokyo brewery,” about 40 minutes by train from Shinjuku. We―a group...more

Toshimaya Shuzo Tour Vol.2—Sake is not an industrial product

The last report was on the tour inside the brewery, so this report is on the sak...more

Tsubakiya—newly-opened sake bar in Jiyugaoka

This joint, just opened in February, is a bar version of a restaurant called “Ts...more

Shusaron—aged sake specialty bar in Shinagawa

Shusaron is a cylinder-shaped bar located on the second floor of the Wing Takana...more

Nihonshu Bar Sakanochika

In the most chaotic part of Shibuya, the bar offers a quiet and comfortable spac...more


Hello, everyone, I’m Tomomi. I decided to write for this site in the hope of tel...more

Matsumura in Higashi-tokorozawa—“Kirinzan”-drinking gathering hosted by Kirinzan Brewery

On February 6, I joined a drinking gathering hosted by Kirinzan Brewery of Niiga...more

Ebisu BeTTei—delicious duck hot pot and Kamakura vegetables

Located within a two minute-walk from Ebisu Station and with its low-ley entranc...more

Bakushuan, Ebisu

Bakushuan Ebisu, opened in 2014, is a sister izakaya of Shutoan in Yotsuya Sanch...more

Akaoni in Sangenjaya

Hi, I’m Kaneda, the editor of Osakelist! Today’s pick is Akoya, a much-talked-ab...more

Suzushiro in Sangenjaya

Suzushiro was located in an area a bit far from Sangenjaya Station. When I rattl...more

SOREGASHI EBISU—jummai-shu izakaya in Ebisu

Hi, I’m Kaneda, the editor of this website, Osakelist. Today’s place is Soregash...more

Gathering to enjoy三千櫻(Michizakura) at Moto in Shimbashi

Hi, I’m Kaneda, the editor of Osakelist.   A gathering to enjoy Michizakura...more

Nihonshu Stand Moto—sake specialty standing bar in Shinjuku

Nihonshu Stand Moto is a standing bar well known among sake lovers. It is locate...more

Nihonshu Bar Funaki Shoten

Funaki Shoten in Sangenjaya offers all kinds of sake just for one coin—500 yen, ...more

Kainomi Bettei in Yotsuya, Tokyo—sake specialty izakaya offering all-you-can-drink high-grade sake

Kainomi Bettei is situated in the Yotsuya area, which is east of Shinjuku, on th...more

Hakkaisan Sennenkoujiya in now-hot COREDO Muromachi 2 Bldg. —comparing different Hakkaisan-brand sakes in a space like a big-name brand shop

COREDO Muromachi is one of the buildings newly completed under the redevelopment...more

Enjoying Jizake at Onsen Ryokan Vol.1 Kai Kawaji in Tochigi Prefecture by Hoshino Resort

  The Hoshino Resort hotel chain has a number of luxurious onsen-ryokan (tr...more

Akoya—shellfish specialty izakaya just a minute’s walk from Ebisu Station

Hi, I’m Kaneda, the editor of Osakelist! Today’s pick is Akoya, a much-talked-ab...more